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Invasive Species of Florida

An infographic/poster made in my spare time as a for fun project. Inspired based on a school project that my sister worked on for wildlife management.

Developing a System

On thing I wanted to work on for this project was developing a consistent style. There were a few things I knew I wanted to incorporate into the design from the get-go; neon pink to bring in an eye-catching punk/toxic vibe and a phylogenetic tree like structure.

Further inspiration was found in the sleek angular designs of the Lockheed Nighthawk planes and the police tape. 

For the style I leaned into the punk/toxic vibe and created some layered effects. Elements would be placed in a group of variations from solid pink, to scribbled outlines, to grainy dark pink. 



Rough Draft
Version 2

Version 1

Version 2

Final Poster Design

Final Design

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