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Tristan Maiefkski


Designing For Genres Circle Thumbnail.png

Designing For Genre

Capstone Project in which I talk about the concept of Genre Conventions and design book covers.

Explore Circle.png

Explore App

Design of an informational app for exploring the solar system.

WAWN Circle.png

Where Are We Now?

A series of five 3-D pictures.

Silent Santicado Thumbnail.png

Silent Santicado Landing Page

Landing page for upcoming videogame, Silent Santicado.

GTMM Circle Thumbnail.png

Games That Made Me

A series of 3D models that I learned to make in Cinema 4D, each based on video games.

SC Thumbnail.png

Song Companions

A Collection of Illustrations to go along to various songs.

Devil on Tin Thumbnail

The Devil on Tin

A hand animated story.

American Heroes Circle Thumbnail.png

American Heroes Webpage

Webpage I designed and coded using VS Code and Bootstrap.


Invasive species Florida

An infographic/poster made in my spare time as a for fun project.

3D Circle TN.png

3-D Character Bust

A 3-D character bust that I created from the ground up.

Beardsley Guitars Thumbnail.png

Beardsley Guitars

Branding and package design inspired by the work of historical designer Aubrey Beardsly.


Wildflowers Banner Ads

A series of banner ads for

Tom Petty's posthumous album Wildflowers & All the Rest

Journey Circle.png


A hand animated short.

Peeq Circle Thumbnail.png

Peeq Pro App Design

Group project designing an app for the eye care company Peeq.

TBA Thumbnail.png



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